Risk Management


The Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission and Hockey Nova Scotia have worked collaboratively to find a way of addressing the valid concerns of HNS to curb abusive behaviour of any person involved with HNS while at the same time preserving the ability of children to play hockey despite the actions of parents. After discussions with the Commission and members of the public concerned about this issue, HNS has created a Dispute Resolution Policy.

Abusive Member and Spectator Dispute Resolution Policy

CHBAMHA Code of Conduct v2023-1


CHBAMHA Discipline Policy


First Aid Policy


Rule of Two Dressing Room Policy


Gender Expression & Identity Policy


CHBA Emergency Action Plan


CHBA Team Emergency Action Plan Form


CHBAMHA Conflict of Interest Policy


CHBAMHA Third Party Coaches and Training


Other Hockey Nova Scotia forms/information:

HNS Injury Report
Medical Information Sheet
Hockey Canada - Hazing Awareness Policy
Helmet & Neck Guard Safety