Wings 50/50

Tickets will be: 3 for $5, 7 for $10, 15 for $20 and 50 for $50

Watch the Jackpot Grow Live!
38% of the total tickets sold will be going back directly to the player selling the ticket. Tickets will be available for purchase in October, 2021 online through Rafflebox from your CHBA wings player. Monthly draws will be made the end of each month beginning in October and ending with the final draw taking place in March.

Dates for the 2021-2022 draws:
October 27th
November 24th
December 22nd
January 26th
February 23rd
March 30th
License number AGD-310685-21
All inquires can be directed to 50/50 coordinator, Shannon Jewers at
Shannon Jewers – Committee Chair
Nicole MacQueen - Feathers
Heather Coghlin - U7
Erica MacKenzie - U9 Development
Jessica Hurdis - U9 Intermediate and Advancing
Jeff McPhee - U11 Rec
Kelly Hinkley - U11 Rep
Shelley Phinney - U13 Rec
Janet Bishop - U13 Rep
Kim Findlay - U15 Rec
Nadine Giffin - U15 Rep
Cindy Bell-McNeil - U18 Rep
Erin Miller - U18 Rec
Here is a poster that you or your team can print or use on social media to promote 50/50 ticket sales.
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Previous Winners

March 2021
Darren Garcin (sold by Jack Butler )

February 2021
Bruce McMullen (sold by Dylan McMullen)

January 2021
Karen Misner (sold by Joshua Misner )

December 2020
Robyn Edwards (sold by Ethan MacDormand)

November 2020
Jean Hupman

October 2020
Andrew Conrad

March 2020
Barrie Fiolek (sold by Isaac Boutilier)

February 2020
Kenzie Wadden (sold by Brody Wadden)

January 2020
Jen MacAusland (sold by Issac MacAusland)

December 2019
Curtis MacDonald (sold by Cooper Norris)

November 2019
John Carpenter (sold by Sarah Hineman)

October 2019
Janet Webber (sold by Noah Meade)