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Restrictions Extended

January 5, 2022 - UPDATE   Earlier today, the province announced that the restrictions currently in place, including those impacting hockey will remain in effect until at least January 31, 2022. The Executive extends a general reminder: If you or your player are waiting for Covid test results you must not attend practices until you have received your negative test results. If you receive a positive test result from either a PCR or a rapid self-test, you or your player must not attend practices. You should not attend if you are generally feeling unwell.  We will pass along any new updates to you as soon as we have them.
Jan 5, 2022

Welcome New Board Members

CHBA Welcomes New Executive Board Members Sandra Andrews - Secretary Kevin Cowper - Representative League Coordinator
Jan 2, 2022

Dec. 21 - New Restrictions - Cancelled Ice

IMPORTANT NOTICE Earlier today, the province announced new gathering limit restrictions across Nova Scotia that will significantly impact hockey.  The increased restrictions are effective as of 6am tomorrow (Wednesday, Dec. 22nd) and will remain in place until at least Jan. 12, 2022:   A maximum of 10 participants(including coaches and instructors)will be permitted in the field of play for practices and training. Hockey Nova Scotia clarified that only one (1) group of up to 10 participants (including coaches and instructors) is permitted on the ice.   Due to these restrictions, CHBA has CANCELLED all previously scheduled ice time December 22nd through to January 12th at the earliest.    Further updates to follow as information becomes available    
Dec 21, 2021

Games on Pause

Hello Wings Families    Unfortunately Covid cases have increased significantly the past few days. Several association’s have cancelled all games until January 2.  The Dartmouth Regional Associations, (Dartmouth, Cole Harbour, Eastern Shore, East Hants) have decided to pause all games effective immediately.   We will still be allowing individual practices, which will be up to your individual teams. And we will revisit this decision by December 31 to hopefully return to normal starting January 2nd.    We know that this is not always the easiest news to receive, but this is what has been decided as the best course of action for hockey in our area.   Please take care of one another and be safe over the holidays. Here’s to hoping we can return to normal on January 2, 2022.    Thank you for your cooperation and stay safe.   CHBA Wings Executive     Jamie Aalders  
Dec 17, 2021

Cole Harbour Place - New Restrictions and Policy

Beginning on Friday, December 17th, additional measures mandated by the Provincial Government will be put into effect to help slow the spread of COVID-19.   Please note that all events hosted at Cole Harbour Place are considered to be "formal" gatherings and must respect those requirements, regardless of if they are 20 people or less. A group of 20 or less people must still wear masks and maintain social distancing unless otherwise specified.   Ice Rentals: No more than 60 people are permitted to participate in sports practices, games, or regular league play. Organized sports do not require social distancing while actively participating in their sport (on the ice). The 60 person limit applies to all ice rentals, including family skates, birthday parties, etc., though these groups are expected to maintain social distancing while on the ice. Spectators are permitted to be in the stands of the arena. If spectators will be attending your ice rental, you must have a designated Safety Representative present for the duration of your ice rental to check proof of vaccination and ensure all public health protocols are being followed.    Spectators must always be wearing their masks and maintain social distancing. The spectator limit for Scotia One is 85 people, and for Scotia Two is 35 people. Food and beverage is not permitted in the arenas.   Masks: Effective July 31, 2020, masks are mandatory in Cole Harbour Place as per Public Health. The exception is that those on the ice or players' benches are not required to wear a mask while taking part in the activity but must wear one at all other times.   Arena Access Participants: Players and coaches will be permitted to enter the arena 30 minutes before their scheduled ice time. Each booking is assigned 2 side-by-side dressing rooms. Please refer to the arena monitor in the rink lobby for dressing room assignments. It is recommended that players arrive dressed. Parents are permitted to enter the rink and dressing rooms to tie skates when necessary. Masks are mandatory in dressing rooms at all times. Players and coaches must stay in dressing rooms until their ice time begins. Hanging out to watch other groups before or after scheduled ice rentals is not permitted. Warm ups must be done in the dressing room. Warming up in hallways and outside areas is not permitted. Players and coaches must be out of the facility 10 minutes after their scheduled ice time ends.   Spectators: Spectators are permitted to enter the arenas 5 minutes prior to the start of the ice rental and must exit immediately after the ice rental ends. Spectators are not permitted to bring food and/or beverages into the arena as it can only be enjoyed by removing the mask. Spectators must be wearing their masks properly at all times. If these restrictions are not followed, Cole Harbour Place will not be able to allow spectators to be present during ice rentals.   Proof of Vaccination Policy: Effective October 4, 2021, individuals aged 12 and older will need proof of full vaccination to participate in discretionary, recreational and non-essential activities. It is the responsibility of the rental group to ensure that anyone associated with their rental (including participants, spectators, etc.) comply with this provincial policy. Safety Representatives: If spectators are present, a designated safety representative must be stationed at the entrance of the rink for the entire duration of the ice rental. To avoid congestion in the rink lobby, proof of vaccination checks will need to happen outside of the facility until most people are checked in. Once there is no longer a crowd of people, vaccination checks can be done inside of the building.     Failure to comply with the above may result in forfeiture of future rentals and could result in restrictions for spectators and rental groups.   If you have any questions, please let me know.   Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.   Warm regards,     Alicia Baker (She/Her) Scheduling & Events Director COLE HARBOUR PLACE
Dec 16, 2021

Wings Against Racism

Dear Wings FamiliesSome of you may already be aware of the events that took place a few weeks ago in PEI involving inappropriate racial comments being made towards a Halifax Hawks player. In light of these recent events the Halifax Hawks Association has taken a stand against racism and will be boycotting future events in PEI until the incident has been fully investigated.To further combat racism they are providing stickers to all their players to put on their helmets that say Hawks Against Racism. To show our support for the Hawks Association as well as all families affected by this we will also be providing all of our players, coaches and referees with Wings Against Racism stickers.We will be picking up the stickers tomorrow and hope to get them out to teams as soon as possible.This type of behaviour has no place in society and we as an association will not tolerate any form of racism. We encourage all of our members to actively denounce any such behaviour and show their support by wearing the sticker.Wings Against RacismCHBA Wings ExecutiveThank youJamie Aalders
Dec 2, 2021

Out of Province Travel 11 and Under

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY The Nova Scotia government has just announced a new rule that restricts children 11 and under from travelling out of province for arts or sports games, competitions, and tournaments. This will be re-evaluated in January
Dec 1, 2021

Final Call for Applications - Executive Roles

FINAL CALL:  CHBA Executive Positions to be filled Deadline for applications - Friday November 19, 2021   The CHBA Executive Board is looking for dedicated individuals to fill the following open positions: ·Secretary ·Rep League Coordinator   Please forward your notice of interest with the position indicated in the subject line to President@chbawings.org   You can find a detailed description of each position here: Executive Position Details    
Nov 12, 2021

Updated Policy - Travel to New Brunswick

  Message from Hockey Nova Scotia – Nov. 3, 2021 Re: Travel to New Brunswick     Good afternoon everyone, Following our consultations with Nova Scotia Public Health and Nova Scotia Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Robert Strang, we have been advised that fully vaccinated teams can now travel to New Brunswick for sporting events provided that the event (game, tournament, etc.) they are attending has a requirement for both spectators and participants to show proof of vaccination (POV).   Teams with unvaccinated players under 12 are not permitted to travel to tournaments in New Brunswick where a circuit breaker is in place. Please visit the Government of New Brunswick website to find up-to-date information about what areas of the province are currently under circuit breaker restrictions.  While travelling to New Brunswick for competition, all local COVID-19 protocols and Public Health orders must be followed. Our Chief Medical Officer Dr. Tina Atkinson would also like to strongly encourage all our teams and hockey families to follow these guidelines to further decrease the risk of a COVID-19 exposure:   ·Wear masks at all times while indoors (only removing them for eating, drinking, and playing hockey). ·Always wear masks while in crowded outdoor spaces where physical distancing cannot be maintained. ·Avoid crowded restaurants (and only visit restaurants where servers are masked). ·Wash and sanitize hands frequently. ·Avoid close contact with people you don’t know. ·Consider shopping for essential items only.   We would also like to remind you all to follow the Rebound Plan 2.0 and keep a close eye on exposure notices from the province.   Sincerely, Amy Walsh  
Nov 3, 2021

CHP - Updated Facility Policy

Cole Harbour Place  - Safety Rep Policy Effective immediately, all ice users who have spectators will be required to have someone in place checking proof of vaccination from the moment that the first person enters the rink from that group, and for the whole duration of the ice time   See the attached link for complete details: Proof of Vaccination Policy and Mandatory Masking
Nov 1, 2021

Reminder: CRC Night - Oct. 27th 6:30-8:30

CRC Night (Criminal Record Check)  Wednesday Oct. 27th 6:30-8:30pm Cole Harbour Place in the Hockey office All team staff (Coaches, Managers, Safety Coordinators) require a current CRC   Any team staff that does not have a current CRC and are unable to attend the association’s organised event will be responsible for obtaining their CRC at their own cost and must provide a copy before the Deadline of December 1st       See the link below for more information. https://chbawings.org/l/41/CHBA/pages/2038/Certifications/    
Oct 26, 2021


IMPORTANT DATES     There will be a Zoom meeting for all Team Managers & Treasurers on Tuesday Oct. 19th Please send an e-mail to managercoordinator@chbawings.org to receive your meeting invitation.   CRC Night (Criminal Record Check) will be held Wednesday Oct. 27th 6:30-8:30pm located at Cole Harbour Place in the Hockey office. All team staff (Coaches, Managers, Safety Coordinators) require a valid CRC. Any team staff that does not have a current CRC and are unable to attend the association’s organised event will be responsible for obtaining their CRC at their own cost and providing a copy before the Deadline of December 1st. See the link below for more information. https://chbawings.org/l/41/CHBA/pages/2038/Certifications/    
Oct 15, 2021

IMPORTANT: Message from the Equipment Manager

New this season Jersey deposit cheques are NOT required. Please note that parents will be liable for lost or severely damaged jerseys at a cost of $50 per jersey to be added to next season’s registration if not paid at the end of the current season. U18’s have pre-paid their jersey deposits because they may not be returning the following season. Game Jerseys can be picked up when required by contacting me at chbawingshockey@gmail.com    Also new this season We are providing home/away socks for all players. This cost will be reflected in Team Billings. Replacement socks can be purchased from me throughout the season at a cost of $20/pair. VERY IMPORTANT: GAME SOCKS ARE NOT TO BE WORN DURING PRATICES Socks can be picked up by providing a team list with sizes required for each player and contacting me at chbawingshockey@gmail.com to arrange a time. Sizes available are as follows: 21” (Normally fits U9, 1st year U11, small 2nd year U11), 25” (Normally fits Tall U9, Tall U11, Most 2nd year U11, Most U13, Most U15, small U18), and 29” (Fits tall U15, U18)   Also new this season We are no longer obligated to purchase team apparel from PHL. My recommendation is to use Cleves and we will have a link on our site for teams to see what is available. They are prepared to do all of our Jersey name/sponsor bars.    As usual I can provide coaches with pucks, cones, practice white boards and goalie gear sets.   Thanks   Marty
Oct 14, 2021

Update: U15B Roster

The final roster for U15B has been posted
Oct 13, 2021

Rosters Posted

Team Rosters and 1st scheduled practice have been posted for the following teams U13AA / U13B White / U13B Red U15AA / U15A
Oct 12, 2021

U11AA / U11A / U11B

The team rosters for U11AA /  U11A  /  U11B have been posted
Oct 12, 2021

Team Selection Schedule

Team Selection   Final Phase of Tryouts Final tryout rosters for all levels are posted   Schedules for the next ice times are posted in the tryout tab for each level   For players not listed on a tryout roster once posted, please stay tuned for Rec. balancing next weekend  
Oct 9, 2021


Hockey Nova Scotia - Rebound Plan 2-0
Oct 6, 2021

Call for Application - Risk Management Coordinator

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS - Executive Position  Our current Risk Management Coordinator will be leaving the board. If you are interested in filling the vacancy, kindly send an e-mail to secretary@chbawings.org by Tuesday Sept. 28th for review and consideration.
Sep 21, 2021


URGENT NEED FOR VOLUNTEERS We still need the following time slots to be filled with a volunteer to check in players and spectators for conditioning camp Please email secretary@chbawings.org with the time slot that you can take
Sep 15, 2021

Call for Volunteers - Conditioning Camp Check In

Call for Volunteers to check in players and spectators before conditioning camps Please see the below schedule of times to be covered. Please e-mail Secretary@chbawings.org to sign up for a time slot that matches your player's ice time.
Sep 10, 2021

Scam Alert

SCAM ALERT Please be aware that there is a scam email currently circulating with a request to purchase gift cards for the association. If you receive one, please do not reply and delete.    
Sep 7, 2021

Conditioning Camp Groupings

Groupings for Conditioning Camps U9 - U18 have been posted
Sep 6, 2021

Call for Volunteers - Novice Conditioning Camp & Evaluations

Call for Volunteers   Novice Conditioning Camp & Evaluations   Looking for coaches to help on ice during conditioning camps. Please e-mail novice@chbawings.org if you can help.   Sept 11th 9-11am SC1   Sept 11th 9:30-11:30am SC2   Sept 18th 9:30-12:30pm SC2   Sept 18th 3:30-3:40pm SC2   Sept 19th 10:30-1:30pm SC2   Sept 20th 6-7pm SC1    Sept 25th 11:30-2:30pm SC2   Sept 25th 3:30-4:30pm SC2    Sept 26th 10:30-11:30am SC2   Sept 30th 6-7pm SC1     We’re also looking for Helpers for Evaluations   Evaluators   On Ice Coaches and Helpers   Safety Check in Rep   Bench Helpers, etc.    Please send an e-mail to novice@chbawings.org as soon as possible expressing your interest and availability  
Sep 6, 2021

Conditioning Camps

Groupings for conditioning camps U11 - U18 have been posted Please see the tab for details.  Groupings for U9 Conditioning camps to follow
Sep 6, 2021

Call for Coaches - Deadline Extended

Call for Coaches2021-2022 season - All Levels  All applicants (returning coaches included)will be required to complete the form in the below linkon or before Friday September 3rd to qualify.https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1SPi9poF8r7KFiaUjxEu0b4ok51gjBHB3ZyLyX1nkIXI/edit   Please Note: There was an error is the upload of the original form. Any applicant that completed a form that had only 2 questions will need to resubmit the application above.  Any applicant that completed a form with 7 questions, your application is complete and no further action is needed.  
Aug 30, 2021


Any player wanting to tryout for the U13 AAA team please note registration ends September 3rd at midnight. -        Players must be registered with their home association CHBA -        Email Tracey Cluett, Registrar for CHBA to advise your player would like to tryout  registrar@chbawings.org -        You will need to pay the $150.00 tryout fee with ESMHA.  Contact Janie Conrad, registrar for ESMHA esmha-registrar@hotmail.com  to make arrangements for payment
Aug 28, 2021

Registration for 2021/22 Season Now Open!

Registration for the 2021-22 Season is officially OPEN! Registration will open the week of August 15th and close September 30th. If you miss those registration dates you risk eligibility for tryouts or participation in the upcoming hockey season.  Register and read the full registration guide here. This guide covers Checking Clinics, Conditioning Camps, Tryouts, Fees & Payments and more.
Aug 17, 2021

CHBA Launches New Website Powered by GrayJay!

We are thrilled to launch our new and improved website, powered by the GrayJay Leagues platform from grayjaysolutions.com! Our new website brings a contemporary new look to our online presence, as well as new functionality, such as real-time scoring, electronic gamesheets, roster management, schedule management with conflict alerts, and much more! The real-time scoring feature allows officials to easily update games as they happen, including goals, penalties, etc. on a mobile phone, tablet, or PC. This information is immediately available on the website for people to follow the game in the stands or at home. Game data is automatically added to the team and player statistics on the website, and historical data has been imported to provide the user with a complete set of data in one convenient location. Electronic gamesheets are auto-generated for easy and improved record keeping. Team and game rosters can be managed from any location with an internet connection to allow us to keep you up-to-date with the most current roster information. We are excited for the possibilities of our new website and hope you will love it as much as we do!
May 17, 2021