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There will be a Zoom meeting for all Team Managers & Treasurers on Tuesday Oct. 19th
Please send an e-mail to managercoordinator@chbawings.org to receive your meeting invitation.
CRC Night (Criminal Record Check) will be held Wednesday Oct. 27th 6:30-8:30pm located at
Cole Harbour Place in the Hockey office. All team staff (Coaches, Managers, Treasurers, Safety Coordinators, Parent Volunteers, etc) require a valid CRC. Any team staff that does not have a current CRC and are unable to attend the association’s organised event will be responsible for obtaining their CRC at their own cost and providing a copy before the Deadline of December 1st.
See the link below for more information.
Oct 15, 2021

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League News

IMPORTANT: Message from the Equipment Manager

New this season Jersey deposit cheques are NOT required. Please note that parents will be liable for lost or severely damaged jerseys at a cost of $50 per jersey to be added to next season’s registration if not paid at the end of the current season. U18’s have pre-paid their jersey deposits because they may not be returning the following season. Game Jerseys can be picked up when required by contacting me at chbawingshockey@gmail.com    Also new this season We are providing home/away socks for all players. This cost will be reflected in Team Billings. Replacement socks can be purchased from me throughout the season at a cost of $20/pair. VERY IMPORTANT: GAME SOCKS ARE NOT TO BE WORN DURING PRATICES Socks can be picked up by providing a team list with sizes required for each player and contacting me at chbawingshockey@gmail.com to arrange a time. Sizes available are as follows: 21” (Normally fits U9, 1st year U11, small 2nd year U11), 25” (Normally fits Tall U9, Tall U11, Most 2nd year U11, Most U13, Most U15, small U18), and 29” (Fits tall U15, U18)   Also new this season We are no longer obligated to purchase team apparel from PHL. My recommendation is to use Cleves and we will have a link on our site for teams to see what is available. They are prepared to do all of our Jersey name/sponsor bars.    As usual I can provide coaches with pucks, cones, practice white boards and goalie gear sets.   Thanks   Marty

Oct 14, 2021

Update: U15B Roster

The final roster for U15B has been posted

Oct 13, 2021

Rosters Posted

Team Rosters and 1st scheduled practice have been posted for the following teams U13AA / U13B White / U13B Red U15AA / U15A

Oct 13, 2021