Goalie Development Pilot Program


We are excited to announce a new Goalie Development Pilot Program in Cole Harbour. We are working with Todd Bengert (Upper Echelon Goaltending) as a Goalie Development Consultant to help us build a foundation and improved goaltender community across our association that will lead to more success and continued retainment of goaltenders.  

Highlights of the program include:

  • Each Rep team has a rostered Goalie Coach. This coach is considered part of the coaching staff for the duration of the season. They will have a primary responsibility to team goaltenders for games and practices and work with the head coach to ensure practice plans are built with consideration given to goalie development.
  • We will have a mix of past goalie coaches already in our association, along with new faces. Todd, along with the CHBA Rep Coordinator will appoint 5-6 goalie coaches who are part of Todd's goaltender network to certain teams. 
  • A Goalie Coach community will work and meet together under Todd's leadership. 
  • Todd will offer support and provide feedback that is necessary for Assocation development initiatives. 
  • An assigned goalie coach will be assigned to the U7-U9 age group to foster a love for the position and work with coaches to ensure development gets off to the right start. 
  • Dedicated Ice-time during the season only for Goaltenders. Coaches, and goalies will come together for specific training and development and to build a strong community with each other. Our young goaltenders should share the ice with positive role models. 
  • A concentrated effort to ensure goaltenders can practice with other rep teams. Goalie coaches will ensure we always have at least 2 goalies for every practice. However, an approved call up system for practices should allow other goaltenders in the division to share the ice, and learn new systems.
  • We will be collecting and building a hockey analytic database to provide feedback to improve the goaltender position, and to share with all coaches on goal scoring. 

With any pilot program, the Assocation will have learning opportunities ourselves and we will look to improve and re-assess at the end of the year. Please stay tuned to this webpage for more information as we get close to the beginning of the season.